Can Fashion Save the Planet?

Can Fashion Save the Planet?

By now, it's no secret: the fashion industry casts a colossal shadow over our environment and society. From greenhouse gas emissions to the extensive water usage and hazardous working practices prevalent in the industry, fashion faces scrutiny from global organizations dedicated to environmental preservation, climate action, and human rights.

We will try to break down the big issue into bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces, shining a light on the different ways fashion affects our world. Through references to films, books, art, and science, we aim to elevate awareness about the environmental and social impact of fashion, exploring the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved - such as consumers, producers, and society at large.

This blog emphasizes the critical need for adopting sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Highlighting vital statistics, we will confront the disturbing reality around textile waste and recycling inefficiencies, where between 3.3 and 3.7 million tons of clothing and household textiles are thrown away yearly in the EU, the majority being either burned or dumped in landfills1.

Additionally, we will explore resource utilization, particularly focusing on water usage, and the impact on biodiversity. On the flip side, our analysis will broaden to cover societal issues, including labour exploitation, health hazards, the phenomenon of fast fashion and its implications, as well as body image concerns.

To confront the essential question "Can Fashion Save the Planet?", our approach is not just about identifying problems. Instead, we focus on presenting tangible solutions, creative ideas, and proactive initiatives that individuals can adopt. This approach aims at fostering a shift towards sustainability, which, when implemented at a personal level, can culminate in significant societal transformation.

1. Boiten, V. 2022. Building a circular economy for textiles supported by common rules on EPR in the EU. Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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